How to follow feeding instructions for dogs


ALL pet foods are required to provide feeding directions on the label.

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The regulations suggest that the simple instructions showing the amount to feed in cups or weight to a given size of dog is provided conspicuously on every package of food.

Unfortunately feeding directions can be very misleading.

Feeding directions are guidelines and should only be used as a guideline. Dogs generally eat enough food to meet their energy needs.

If the food is nutrient dense, providing a high number of kilocalories (KC) per cup, the dog will need to eat less of the food to meet energy requirement.

One of the main problems is that most dogs feeding directions are calculated based on an average dog or puppy.

The best method of determining the proper feeding amount for your dog is to start with the recommended level on the package.

Increase or decrease the amount by the way the dog should look.

As an example if you have a 20lb dog, eating 1. 1/2 cups per day of a new food, and he starts gaining weight, decrease the feeding level to 1 cup.

Conversely, if the same dog began to loose weight you should increase his daily intake to 2 cups.


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