Blood donor appeal exposed as hoax


A RECENT heart-rendering web message appealing for blood donors to save the life of a 10 year old child has been exposed as a cruel hoax.

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The message posted on Facebook purporting to have been issued by the boy’s mother on behalf of La Fe Hospital (Valencia) stated: ‘A 10 year old boy admitted with Leukaemia needs about 12 donors urgently.

This blood group (AB) is quite rare, and as such there is lack of donors.

The doctors have announced that if donors are found it may be very possible to save this boy’s the life. Please forward this to all.’

A contact phone number was included which eventually proved to be non existent.

Irene Ellis, president of Cancer Care Javea, was made aware of the plea and immediately contacted the hospital with an offer of help only to be told that they had no knowledge of the appeal.

Read the full story in tomorrow’s EWN print edition


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