New Year, same old story


TENDING my ablutions, prior to joining friends for a true Scottish Hogmanay to celebrate the manifestation of the year of our Lord 2012; you know, the night we all don our rose coloured glasses and pretend that the following day world is going to completely turn itself inside out and all good things will come to pass – my toilet backed up!

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Well it would wouldn’t it? To add insult to injury, as I sloshed about mopping frantically before it all flowed into the bedroom, I recalled it was actually less than a week ago I had paid €150 to have the problem fixed!

In truth of course, despite the delirious reception of what is basically nothing more than a changed number at the top of all your bills, nothing really changes at all.

A new year is rather like a country when a new government is elected. On the surface it all appears new and glossy, but in truth the civil servants, problems and basic infrastructure, all remain exactly the same. ‘Here he goes again’, I hear you mumble; putting on the dampers as usual.

Well, how can you help it?

I wasn’t always a purveyor of doom and gloom ya know. I was a baby boomer. Raised in the late 50s and 60s, when the western world was drenched with energy and optimism and opportunity abounded for everyone. Exciting times when peace and love was on everyone’s lips and the future was bright and full of promise.

So what the hell happened? I’ll tell you what happened. Greed is what happened.

The festering tumor that dwells in the psyche of the majority of our still primitive and basically Neanderthal human race. Our whole planet is governed by greed. Greed and envy. Greed for financial gain. Greed for spiritual gain.

Greed for power. And envy for just about everything your neighbor owns but you don’t. This vicious destructive cancer has caused one man’s coffers to overflow while another dies in a void of agony and starvation.

It has caused tyrants to slaughter its own people the desecration of our planet and created a race of beings, the majority of which have no conscience whatsoever.

Until we learn to truly love our neighbor I see no hope whatsoever for our miraculous (and our existence is truly a miracle) manifestation.

Sadly I believe this elusive attribute will be a long time coming.

Happy New Year.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy


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