More interesting than your teacher by Stuart Wright


OFFERING fascinating insights into those small everyday conundrums, such as yawning, which came first—the chicken or the egg, and tickling, as well as reaching far into the realms of the exotic and unknown, with entrieson ‘guano’, carnivorous plants and ‘snottites’, yes, ‘snottites’ (!?).

More Interesting than your Teacher aims to fill your knowledge gaps and get your curiosity juices flowing. This insightful volume is for anyone who has ever questioned the seemingly trivial and discovered enigmas lurking beneath such knowledge.


Irreverently informative and deeply entertaining.

More Interesting than your Teacher offers answers to all those questions you were too embarrassed to ask while at the same time exploring realms of learning you may never have previously delved into.

Each page provides engaging answers to new questions, with each query playfully illustrated with stunning visual and humorous references.

Developed as a hybrid scrap-book, each entry is explored with a new design; fonts and layout change to suit each individual topic, making More Interesting than your Teacher a gem of a book.

This creative and unstructured approach to the world of knowledge ultimately illustrates the ethos of Stuart Wright’s project as a whole: to oppose the stifling and sterile approach of much conventional curricula and textbook knowledge, in order to rekindle our curiosity concerning the world around us.

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Book review by Gabrielle Devon


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