Muslims push for own cemeteries in the Balearics


PLANS are underway to get permission to build Muslim cemeteries in the municipalities in the Balearic Islands that have an Islamic community.

Muslims must be buried with their heads towards Meca. There are 30 communities in the Balearic Islands, 21 of which are in Mallorca.

These 30 communities recently united to form the Balearic Islamic Community Federation (FICAIB) which represents 45,000 Muslims. “The only Muslim cemetery on the Islands at the moment is in the Son Valenti countryside area of Palma de Mallorca,” said Jordan Mahfouz Abumahfouz, the new FICAIB president.


“We are talking with town halls to grant us land for our cemeteries.

It is possible that we will soon be building one in Inca very soon.” FICAIB is also pushing for a “grand mosque” in Palma de Mallorca.


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