Albox Town Hall hasn’t paid salaries


MORE than 150 employees at Albox Town Hall have still not received their salary for November, the conservative Partido Popular has complained.

Many have been “unable to pay monthly expenses such as mortgages, electric, water and phone bills” the party spokeswoman Inmaculada del Aguila, has said, while she also complained that the mayor, Jose Garcia Navarro, does not want to come forward to address the situation.


“If the mayor can’t pay the November salaries” she said, “he should explain how he plans to pay the December salaries and bonuses”.

The PP also blames Garcia directly for the lack of money in the municipal coffers, putting it down to his poor management. Aguila said “in four years, Garcia has spent more than €150,000 on meals in a well-known local restaurants, more than €500,000 on advisors, several million on projects which have never gone ahead, more than €100,000 at luxury restaurants and more than €15,000 on phone bills amongst other things”.

They also accuse him of “hiring more staff than necessary to keep his electoral promises”.


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