Isabel Pantoja to stand trial for money laundering


SPANISH singer Isabel Pantoja will stand trial in Malaga Provincial Court from June 28 next year charged with money laundering.

She will be joined by her former partner and former mayor of Marbella, Julian Muñoz, and his ex-wife, Maite Zaldivar.


 The Public Prosecutor is asking for three and a half years in prison for Pantoja and Zaldivar, while Muñoz is facing seven and a half years in prison, a seven-year ban from holding public office, and fines of more than €7.4 million.

The prosecutor considers that both women “knew perfectly well the illegal origin of the money and goods they received from Muñoz”.

Special measures will be put in place around the courthouse when the trial starts and there will be special conditions for the public and press who which to see the trial.


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