More would use trains in Spain if they were cheaper


SEVENTY per cent of people in Spain say they would use High Speed Train connections rather than planes or cars if the tickets were cheaper.

The thing which is in highest demand is the possibility of being able to pay for train tickets via mobile phone, according to an international study carried out by Amadeus.


Throughout the countries which took part in the survey, 77 per cent of people asked would prefer to carry out international journeys on high speed trains rather than any other method of transport, if prices were competitive.

Sixty per cent say they would like to be able to book all connections before starting out on their journey. Meanwhile, the Renfe and Talgo workshops in Los Prados in Malaga, will take part in the construction of 35 AVE high speed trains which will be used on the route which will connect Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and which has been assigned to a consortium of private and public Spanish companies.

The workshops in Malaga will install the vehicles’ electrical systems, as well as in brakes, suspension, floors, seats, ceilings, lighting and soundproofing.

Photo credit: Matthew Black


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