Arabic wall discovered in Denia


WORKMEN laying telephone cables in Denia have unearthed town walls from the Islamic past.

It was always likely that vestiges of the town’s ancient defence system would emerge during infrastructure work for the phone company, said municipal archaeologist, Josep A Gisbert.


The newly-discovered section of wall, which is 70 centimetres wide and was built approximately 1,000 years ago, will help experts trace the route of the original wall round the medina or town centre in the days when Denia was called Daniya.

The fortifications line up with the front of the Sant Antoni church, built towards the end of the 16th century, suggesting that the 11th century Arab-built walls were used for its foundations.

The segment of defence wall is only 90 centimetres high but continuing excavations, funded by Vodafone, suggest that it was originally twice this height.



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