‘Credit cards-only’ scheme for paying fines at Almeria Traffic Headquarters

PAYING traffic fines or other fees in cash at Almeria Provincial Traffic Headquarters could soon belong to the past.
A “credit cards-only” pilot scheme for fines or fees for driving licence renewals amongst other things, is being tried out in Oviedo (Asturias) and Leon in northern Spain. Once perfected, it would be introduced throughout the country, said a spokesman for the DGT traffic authority, although no date has yet been set for this.
Fines are already payable over the internet, telephone, in Correos or at Santander branches but paying in cash routinely slowed down procedures at Jefaturas. Using credit or debit card would speed up the system, s DGT spokesman said.
The Asturias and Leon scheme is only part of a project to reduce queues at Jefaturas, with opening hours and routines also under scrutiny.
The DGT said it hopes to save time and manpower by encouraging the public to make greater use of the internet for registering and transferring vehicles, paying fines or, via email, receiving notification of traffic offences.


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