Teachers protest over Junta de Andalucia cutbacks


SOME 800 teachers, according to the unions, gathered in Malaga to protest about cutbacks in state education.

According to police, the number of protesters was closer to 150, but in any case, they took to the streets complain about the Junta de Andalucia cutting backs expenses for public education as well as demanding that the work of teachers be recognized.


In the whole of Andalucia, 3,500 teachers are believed to have taken part in the protests.

Meanwhile, another 1,500 people (according to unions) gathered outside the Banco de España in Malaga to demand “responsible banking and availability of credit”.

The protests demanded a “socially responsible banking model which provides credit for families and small and medium businesses”. They have also complained about the salaries of the directors and the disappearance of savings banks, amongst other subjects.


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