‘Illegal’ Harley Davidsons in Spain


SOME 5,000 Harley Davidsons could be taken off the roads in Spain after the discovery that importers have sent them to privately-owned ITV centres willing to overlook legal requirements.

Apparently, the motorbikes have been imported from the United States, but buyers who have paid up to €16,000 complain that the company’s official dealers in Spain are attempting to stop second-hand imports so they can sell more.


Harley Davidson España has categorically denied this, and a company spokesman has said “police detected that some ITV centres are giving imported, second-hand Harley Davidsons their paperwork in order, although they have not been adapted to Spanish legislation”.

He added “we understand some people prefer to get their bikes from the US because they see them as more authentic. This is not a problem, but illegal bikes are”.

The importers on the other hand claim they make the bikes legal to ride before taking them for their ITV, although they admit that some may get passed over, but not 5,000.


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