SAVE OUR HOMES AXARQUIA takes action against Junta


SAVE OUR HOMES AXARQUIA (SOHA) has announced that it doesn’t plan to sit around and wait for the Junta to decide on the future of their homes, according to reports in Spanish media.

The group represents some 400 foreign residents who want their homes to be legalized and protected, and avoid demolition.


For four years they have been demanding a solution to the problem which affects some 12,760 houses in the Axarquia area, a figure closer to 22,000 according to environmentalists.

Instead, they have decided to present allegations against the draft for a decree by which the Junta de Andalucia plans to legalize houses which were built on non-urban land in Andalucia, as well as offer solutions to improve it.

Amongst the suggestions made to the Secretary General for Territorial Planning and Urban Development of the Council of Public Works, they are asking for a legal solution for houses built under licenses which were wrongly granted by local town halls and which have been later declared illegal by the Junta and have demolition orders against them.

According to SOHA, the draft for the decree does not refer to this type of situation, and they believe that it offers no solutions for people whose homes are to be demolished despite them having built or purchased them in good faith.


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