Animal cruelty reported at Malaga Feria


AN Andalucian association against animal abuse has reported a pony ride at Malaga fair for the ‘cruel’ conditions in which the animals are kept.

They complain that the ponies are constantly walking round in circles from 7.30pm until 3am with bright lights and loud noise as well as saddles which are not made for ponies, causing them pain, unbalance and curved backs.


Their urine and faeces remain under their feet the whole time they are carrying children, which is unhygienic not only for the ponies, but if any child fell on the floor.

The Andalucian Collective Against Animal and Environmental Abuse (CACMA) made a complaint to the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) against the owners of the four pony rides which were at the Cortijo de Torres fairground this month as well as against Malaga City Hall for allowing them to be there.

The association is backed by CYD Santa Maria in its claims that there are no health or hygiene measures for the ponies.



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