Almeria Airport rising in number of foreign passengers– AENA


THE number of foreign passengers arriving at Almeria Airport rose in the past four months according the Spanish Airport Authorities, AENA.

The rising figures are thanks to the summer season and to new charter flight routes. The number of passengers from Europe rose by 17.9 per cent in April, 9.6 per cent in May, 17.6 per cent in June and 6.3 per cent in July. The peaks coincided with Easter, the beginning of the summer and the launching of connections with Iceland, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.


In July, the airport was used by 46,198 international passengers and 35,354 on national flights, the second consecutive month with more international than national passengers. Meanwhile, a quality control survey at Almeria Airport showed that passengers give it 3.91 points out of 5, the best results for the airport since the survey has been carried out.

The responses were based on comfort, cleanliness, air-conditioning, noise levels, staff helpfulness and speed of airport processes. The best valued aspect at the airport was comfort, with 4.02 points, followed by disembarking and luggage collection processes with 3.98.

Within the heading of comfort, the most point were given to signposting, cleanliness and lighting.

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