Agustin Torralbo reports stolen creations


MALAGA’S internationally known haute couture designer Agustin Torralbo has reported two women for allegedly stealing designs and models worth €52,000.

According to the report, the two women were collaborating with him and had access to his work. In October 2009, while he was ill, they created another fashion company and began to present and sell his creations without authorization. He also claims the took computer equipment belonging to his company, including a specific software programme for designing clothes, as well as taking money which was owed to Torralbo without his authorization.


The complaint not only refers to the crime against intellectual property, but also to the protection of consumer rights. Torralbo considers it important that people not be tricked into buying forged, poor-quality products while paying the price for the real item. The National Police Fraud Unit is investigating.


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