Man killed over parking space in El Ejido


A 33-YEAR-OLD man died last Sunday in Matagorda, El Ejido, allegedly stabbed by a friend when they were arguing over a parking space. The events took place during local festivities in honour of the Virgen del Guadalupe, outside one of the ‘casetas’ set up for the occasion.

Local residents say the two men had known each other since school and were frequently seen together, but that the argument over the place where one had parked his car, escalated, leading to the attack just after midnight. Neither of them was considered to be a “trouble-maker”. 


The victim was stabbed in the presence of his siblings and his girlfriend, and his parents were just inside the ‘caseta’. Witnesses called the emergency services, but while the attacker fled by car, the victim’s brothers took him to hospital by car, but nothing could be done to save his life.

Just hours later, Guardia Civil arrested the 21-year-old alleged attacker who handed himself in at the station in El Ejido. An investigation is underway to determine whether anyone else took part in the attack.



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