Parking no longer free in Marbella


FROM July 4, drivers will have to pay to park in 1,300 spaces in 30 of Marbella’s main streets where until now they could park for free.

Parking meters are being installed throughout the town for what those in favour of the project believe will increase turn-over and boost shopping in the town centre, although 260 of the spaces will be reserved for residents. These will be painted in green and will allow users to park for up to five hours, while the blue parking spaces will only allow for two hours parking.


For the first few days, no fines will be issued for those who fail to abide by the timetables, and instead they will be informed of the new set-up by the 14 wardens who will join the six who already work in Puerto Banus. There will be no excuse not to pay, as the parking meters will even accept credit cards.

Residents in the area will be able to pay €100 per year to park for unlimited periods in green parking spaces, but having the card doesn’t guarantee a space.



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