‘Fraudster’ is forced to pay cash back in Alicante


AN alleged conman became the victim after his ex-wife held him against his will in Alicante and extorted money from him, police said. She, along with her male accomplice, the ex-husband and two others believed to be involved in scams were arrested, the latter three accused of fraud.

Investigations into this group began in May after the ex-husband was forced a man into a vehicle and beaten until he paid them €3,000. 


Police discovered the ‘victim’ was a well known alleged fraudster whose victims were a couple of Romanians resident in Valencia, to who he is thought to have defrauded €3,000.

One of the Romanians, with a friend, travelled to Alicante, and with the help of the fraudster’s ex wife located the man whom they forced to pay back the cash.


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