UK retailer buys 50% of Elche’s Sprinter group


UK sports retailer, JD Sports Fashion, has acquired 50.1 per cent of the capital of Spanish company Sprinter.

The Spanish sportswear company was founded by Elche family Segarra in 1981, and is co-owned by Bernad Vico, also from Elche, which has distribution rights of Puma goods in Spain. The company currently has 47 shops, mainly in Andalucia and the Levante area, selling their own brand names, Silver and Boriken, as well as the world’s best-known brands. JD Sports Fashion was also founded in 1981 and has 500 establishments.


JD Sport has paid €20m for this first project on the continent which has also led to the creation of the JD Sprinter Holdings Society.

The remaining 49.9 per cent of the capital will remain in the hands of the Segarra and Bernad families, with 50 per cent each.



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