No light at end of San Pedro tunnel


ROADWORKS will continue to be disrupt drivers in San Pedro for the foreseeable future. A Public Works Ministry report revealed the works of the €85m San Pedro underpass will be delayed, with not date set for its completion. Until the underpass is completed, residents and commuters will be forced to endure tailbacks which will only worsen now summer has arrived.

British housewife Andrea Williams said: “When I am coming back from Estepona I find it very frustrating to sit in a queue of traffic, waiting for 20 cars to do u-turns as there is no left turn to go back to San Pedro.”


Marbella Mayor, Angeles Muñoz, said she will demand an explanation for the delay from the Public Works Minister, Jose Blanco. Muñoz said that the delay “directly affects and endangers the financial recovery of Marbella” and has referred to it as “serious irresponsibility from the central government”.

Expat Mark Wilkins, works in San Pedro, believes the “increase in queues and inconvenience due to the underpass not being open is restricting the commercial development of San Pedro.” Meanwhile, Malcolm Spendlove owner of Passion Café in the town said: “It really hurt my business at the beginning but it is slowly coming back. Once it is finished it will be a great place to come on holiday. The work is professional but slow.”

The tunnel project had been announced for decades and responded to constant demands from San Pedro Alcantara to do away with the only traffic lights on the A-7 between Barcelona and Algeciras, and boost the economy of the area. Work finally began almost five years ago and should have finished in 2009. Once completed an estimated 65,000 cars will use the one-kilometre tunnel daily.

By Jennifer Leighfield
Photo credit: Alicia Wilkins 



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