52 Rent to buy apartments set for Santa Pola


A TOTAL of 52 council ‘rent to buy’ apartments are set to be built in Santa Pola. “They will be built in the Eroski area and rental prices will be around €300 per month,” explained Mayor Miguel Zaragoza. Initially designed for young people, anybody in need and has difficulty in finding other housing in the municipality can qualify.

There will be one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as one for large families.


After an established period of time – five, seven or 10 years – tenants will have the option to buy using the amount of rent paid up until then as part of the price.

The agreement between the town hall and the Valencia Institute of Housing (IVVSA) for the go ahead should be signed in two weeks time.

Meanwhile the IVVSA is also considering building 550 VPO houses (government subsidised) in Calera.





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