Mojacar postal votes controversy continues


ALTHOUGH political parties across the nation are forced to accept defeat following May 22 local elections, the opposition in Mojacar continue to demand action regarding the postal votes. Most of the parties contending for the leadership are not convinced that the Partido Popular’s Rosa Maria Cano has won the elections fairly and believe that the votes by post were manipulated.


The local socialists have written to the Almeria Public Prosecution requesting an investigation into any indication of crime in the electoral process.



PSOE leader, Manuel Zamora, claims that “irregularities have been detected on the municipal census, with suspicious registrations from the homes of PP candidates and an extremely high percentage of postal voting”.

According to Zamora, more than 18 per cent of the votes (515) were received by post, of which more than 90 per cent were for the PP.

He also says that 100 per cent of the Romanian community in the town voted by post and that envelopes have been found with similar handwriting and many of them sent from Garrucha.



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