Police chief sentenced for sexual harassment


MADRID Provincial Court has sentenced the former chief of the Police International Coordination Unit to seven months in prison for the sexual harassment of a female officer. He has been acquitted of the charges of harassment brought against him by another policewoman and of the charges of bodily harm and degrading treatment brought against him by both women.

However, he is suspended for the duration of the sentence and banned from communicating with the victim for three years, as well as having to pay her €20,000 compensation.


Between 2004 and 2005 he allegedly made sexual propositions to the two policewomen, taking advantage of his position. In one case, the crime has prescribed because the victim failed to report it at the time. Many other policewomen testified in the case and confirmed they had been the victims of similar behaviour from their superior.

In at least one case, an officer who suffered harassment later resigned.



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