Almeria and Miami ports to collaborate


ALMERIA Port has reached an agreement with Miami Port to establish commercial and institutional ties between the two. The President of Almeria Port Authorities, Trinidad Cabeo, signed the agreement which will allow them to exchange commercial information, as well as details regarding the development of port infrastructures and market studies aimed at cruises or any other traffic which is common to both ports.

A team will be created with representatives from both ports to arrange visits and commercial goals.


Representatives from Almeria have visited Miami Port to get to know the facilities and activities carried out there.

Miami is the most important port in the USA for entrance and exit for all Latin America. It is also the port that sees most cruise ship passengers in the world, with the headquarters for the major cruise lines at the facilities.

Almeria is doing everything in its power to promote cruise tourism, mainly via the ‘Almeria Cruise Club’ under the Bahia Almeriport Foundation which coordinates commercial projects promoted by the Port Authorities, the Tourim Board and the local Tourism Department, with the collaboration of tour operators and cruise companies.



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