Riogordo estimates rain damage at €500k


THE downpour in Riogordo last week, with 100 litres per m2 in just three hours, caused damages estimated at €500,000. The rain inundated homes and roads, bringing down trees and washing away vehicles.

An initial evaluation carried out by the town hall has determined that the town will need to request help from the Provincial Government and the Junta de Andalucia to repair many of the damaged local infrastructures, including the drinking water network and the water purification plant.



The worst affected area is the Partido del Rio, which runs level to La Cueva, the river which provides water to La Viñuela reservoir. Water pipes have been broken and the area is without running water, and tankers cannot access the area because roads are damaged and it is impossible to cross the river.

The water collectors at the purification plant have been inundated with mud and rubbish washed down by the river. It is not known whether they can be repaired or if they will have to be replaced.




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