Floods in Alicante Halt Tram


THE heavy rains that hit part of Alicante region last week were so violent in places that they even caused the stoppage of trams in the city itself. Such was the inundation in the San Juan area that Tram line no.4 was halted for half an hour due to the tracks being under water at the stop off the Avenida de Nations, near Albufereta beach.

The Railway authority stated that services were resumed very quickly and that the infrastructure coped as well as could be expected given the unpredictable nature of such storms.


Memories in the area always hark back to the disaster in the late nineteen nineties when a gota fria caused the deaths of several people in the city centre itself when the Alfonso Sabio underground car park was flooded in the space of minutes.

Since that time the Valencian Government has put in place massive protective storm drains throughout the city to avoid the re-occurrence of such a tragedy.

By Paul Deed

Picture Credit: Diorama Sky




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