Denia crime rates fall


THE number of crimes and offenses against people and property in Denia has declined by 2.38 per cent between January and April this year, according to data from the local public safety board. However, the number of burglaries of private residences increased by 0.7 per cent, said Citizen Security Councillor Miguel Llobell.

In regards to violence against women, there have been 10 reports so far this year, compared to the 40 last year and the 61 in 2009, according to the local police chief Jose Martinez Espasa.


Statistics indicate that 56 per cent of female victims of domestic violence in Denia are foreigners aged between 35 and 50.

The majority of offenders had problems with alcoholism and other addictions and had previous criminal records.

The local police have intervened in 267 traffic accidents and 29 cases of drunk driving on the motorway.







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