Impossible Almeria fine


A WOMAN from Cuenca has tried to prove in court that her vehicle was nowhere near Almeria when Local Police in the city fined her. In October 2009, the woman received a €150 fine from Almeria City Hall informing her that it was because her car had been witnessed running a red light in September 2009.

However, she had never been in Almeria and neither had her car, which on the day of the fine was in a garage for repairs, something which she was able to prove.


However, in early 2010, the fine was confirmed, and Almeria city hall ignored the proof with which she provided them, relying solely on the information of the police officer who wrote the fine and not admitting the possibility that he could have made a mistake when taking down the registration number.

The case, which has reached the Andalucian Ombudsman, is still pending resolution.




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