Free parking this Easter in Calpe


CALPE Council announced last weekend that it will be providing up to 1,200 extra parking spaces free of charge over the coming Easter period at various points along the beach areas. It has reached agreements with owners of the various sites for carrying out the preparation and cleaning them so they can be used on an interim basis as public parking.

The initiative is designed to encourage visitors to Calpe over this bust period and so in exchange for the town agreeing to clean and prepare the privately owned areas the owners of the land have given up these otherwise empty lots for provisional parking over Easter.


Scrub has been cleared and gravel laid in an attempt to avoid too much dust from the vehicles.

There is a site for 350 vehicles in Avenida de Europa and another for 600 opposite the Sol Ifach and which be open as such all year.

Drivers are advised to check for the provisional parking signs as they enter Calpe.



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