Woman accused of faking kidnapping to cover up affair


A 30-year-old Romanian woman has been arrested for pretending to be kidnapped to cover up her having gone off with another man. Her whereabouts were unknown for 24 hours, but during that time she called her boyfriend several times telling him she had been kidnapped.

Her story was that she had been grabbed by a man while at a cafe in Orihuela and forcibly put in a car, then taken to Murcia. Hours later she reported that she was locked in a villa in Madrid


The boyfriend informed the police and investigations began to try and find the woman and discover the motive for the kidnapping. The next day the woman contacted her partner to let him know that she had been released and was in a bar in Beniel (Murcia).

Due to inconsistencies and contradictions in the woman’s statements, investigators were able to get to the real story; that she had pretended to be kidnapped to justify her absence to her boyfriend.

She had allegedly been at the home of a friend of his.




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