Goats stop A-7 motorway from going ahead


ALMERIA residents are worried that the abandoned stretch of the A-7, between Carchuna and Castell de Ferro, will prevent the motorway from being completed by 2012.

Not only are their landslides, making bridges and tunnels impossible to make, and rocky areas which would be too expensive to blast away, but the main problem which prevents the path of the road from being diverted a little is the existence of a colony of mountain goats, and a protected pathway for shepherds and goatherds.


The mountain goats were first protected in 1905, under the order of Alfonso XIII, and a national conservation programme was launched in 1950, although they are still hunted in the area by poachers.

The path initially proposed for the motorway would interfere with cattle tracks, the second proposal encroached upon green belt land.

So it seems that for now, the goats will stop the motorway from going ahead.



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