Girl, 4, left home alone as parents ‘go for a drink’


AN Alicante couple aged 33 and 35, have been arrested for leaving their four year old daughter alone locked in their house while they “went out for a drink”, according to the National Police. The incident was discovered when neighbours became aware of the young girl alone and crying on the terrace of the house at 5.30am.

The National Police called in fire fighters to enter the building and rescue the child, who was in good health but alone and in an obvious state of distress.


Officers arrested the parents when they returned home some two hours later at about 7.30 am. It was reported that both were drunk.

The father allegedly attacked the police to try to avoid arrest, and as a result he has been charged with resisting arrest in addition to the abandonment of the minor charges which he faces along with the mother.

The child has been placed in the care of a relative, and the couple, who have previous history of similar actions, are due in court in Alicante this week.

By Paul Deed


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