Sandbanks may be solution for receding coastline


THE Coastal Deparment reports that new sandbanks have been found in Malaga. A geophysical study which has been carried out along the coast shows that small sandbanks, which within a few years will become beaches, have appeared in Malaga, which could be a solution to the constant loss of sand due to storms.

A more in depth study will have to be carried out to determine which of these sandbanks, located all the way from Gibraltar to Murcia, can be used for a source of sand for the existing beaches.


This will depend on the quality of the sand and the possible impact on the environment.

At least one, located in Rincon de la Victoria, should be a source for some 1.7 million cubic metres of sand which will be used on the Eastern Costa del Sol.

For now, the Western Costa del Sol will have to wait, especially as the Environmental Ministry has banned the use of the sandbank found in Marbella due to the environmental impact it could have.



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