Drug gang ‘ringleader’ arrested in Torrevieja


A BUILDER from Torrevieja has been arrested for being the alleged ringleader of a drug trafficking network. This is the same network in which at least 30 people have been arrested – including an individual known as ‘Father Vicente’ – as part of an investigation called ‘Operation Almo’.

The Valencian National Police and Alicante Guardia Civil’s Organized Crime and Drugs Task Force (EDOA) began a joint investigation to find out how the builder was funding his exceptionally high standard of living.


At first, investigators thought they were after a case of town planning corruption, but it later came to light that his lifestyle was funded with cocaine.

He allegedly found to be involved with three brothers in Torrevieja who were also arrested.

Besides the drug trafficking charges, they are suspected of money laundering due to the bringing large amounts of cash from Italy into Spain through the sale of the cocaine.

The group is thought to have distributed the substance to other European countries including Italy and Belgium, according to sources close to the case.



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