A hunger for drama

Chile President Sebastian Piñera

FREEING the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground since August 5 set an example to the world, declared president Sebastian Piñera and no-one would contradict this.

But an increasingly voracious appetite for reality-show drama overshadowed the men’s bravery and comradeship and the awe-inspiring technology used.

The miners were unbelievably fortunate but many others who die or are injured face generalised indifference unless a cliff-hanging spectacle ensues.



Rescue remedy required

LINDA NORCROFT, the British aid worker abducted in Afghanistan, was killed by a grenade thrown by crack American troops sent to liberate her from the hideout where she was being held.  Americans do not have a good record regarding rescues, which too often end in tragedy because Hollywood dies hard in their collective memory while real life – particularly in Afghanistan – never pans out the same way.


Allowances disallowed

THE prospect of high earners losing the Children’s Allowance was received with fury in the UK, prompting Ed Miliband’s specious promise that a Labour government would pay it “even to millionaires.” Surely Atlee and Bevin must be turning in their graves at the prospect of a society that is so pampered the state provides a safety net even for those standing safely on solid ground.


Photo Credit: Comando de Sebastian Piñera 


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