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Can community ban lets?

Will they get rollover credit?

Where will they pay tax?

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Can they use spreadsheets?

Do they need a tax adviser?

Do they need an AFO?

Can their plan work?

Can only Agenda items be voted?

Do I need a Spanish driving licence?

Where are his title deeds?

Will they pay inheritance tax?

Can one owner enlarge his door?

Events cause disruption

How to quiet noisy renters?

Can we get mains sewage?

How can they fix the leak?

Is there cause for complaint?

Is chimney flue legal?

Cyclists have alcohol limits

Can they restrict the pool?

How much capital gains tax?

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Spain continues clampdown on anti-social driving

CONTROL and surveillance is being stepped up all week as part of a campaign to prevent distractions at the wheel on Spanish roads. Up until...

British man stabbed in latest ‘targeted’ Costa del Sol attack

NATIONAL POLICE are investigating a knife attack on a 24-year-old British man on the Costa del Sol. The attack took place in Puerto Banus near...

Fish eaters in Spain have highest exposure to body-harming chemicals in Europe

FISH eaters in Spain have the highest exposure to chemicals which can affect hormonal levels and the reproductive system. A team from the Institute of...

Outrage after authorities fail to protect beach bar from storm erosion

THE sands on the shoreline of Huelin in Malaga city, were washed away by storms at the weekend, which left the foundations of the...

More than a wee problem with Costa dogs

CAMPELLO’S Local Police force will get tough with negligent dog-owners. With a “notable” number of dogs in the municipality there is an increase in the...

A woman is raped ‘every six hours’ in Spain according to Spanish minister

ONE woman is raped somewhere in Spain every six hours on average, according to a report from the country’s Interior Ministry. There were a total...

British nuclear sub in Gibraltar fires warning flare at Spanish police boat

HMS TALENT, the Royal Navy submarine fired a warning flare at a Spanish vessel after it came too close.  When the Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine was...

VIDEO: How Beach thieves work in pairs to outsmart unsuspecting Brits in Spain

YOUTUBE channel Gaviota 007 has published videos detailing exactly how holidaymakers are targeted on Spanish beaches. The videos feature the beaches of Magaluf and Youtuber...

Young woman dies after early morning third-floor balcony plunge in Spain

A THIRTY-YEAR-OLD woman has died after falling from a balcony in the early hours of the morning on the Spanish party island of Mallorca. The woman...

Morocco’s crack down on thousands of Spain-bound migrants

REPORTS have emerged that the forests of Tangiers, Morocco are filled with sub-Saharan migrants escaping poverty and violence in their homelands. Migrants have flocked to...

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