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Madrid was the coldest capital city in the world

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Madrid coldest May on record Madrid coldest May on record

MADRID was the coldest capital city in the world on Friday May 17 with a maximum daytime temperature of 9.2ºC, it was colder than every other capital city in the northern and southern hemisphere that day.

And the humidity levels registered meant that it felt much colder according to weather records.

Even Moscow reached maximum temperatures of 25ºC. The second-coldest capital in Europe was Brussels with highs of 9.7ºC.

The capital of Bolivia, La Paz, was the third coldest capital in the world at 10ºC.

In the southern hemisphere, where winter is fast approaching, temperatures were higher than in Madrid. Buenos Aires was the coldest capital in South America at 15.5ºC and Canberra (Australia) registered highs of 14.6ºC.

North of the Equator, Ottawa (Canada) saw the lowest temperatures in North America at 14.6ºC.

The record for Madrid is not only that of the coldest capital city in the world on May 17, but also the lowest maximum temperatures on record for the month of May.

Mountainous regions in Spain are still snow-covered and even some ski resorts remain open. 

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