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Light Rain

Malaga, Spain

Light Rain

Early work by Picasso discovered in museum

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Restorers discover unknown work by Picasso Restorers discover unknown work by Picasso

Staff at the Picasso Museum have uncovered a drawing by young Picasso.

Staff restoring one of the artist’s teenage works have stumbled across an even earlier creation by the Spanish genius at the museum in Barcelona.

When museum employees pulled out the cardboard behind a 1896 painting called Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, painted when Picasso was 15, they found another charcoal drawing of a male character smoking a pipe.


Head of restoration at the museum says that there is no doubt that the newly discovered work is older than the painting of his mother.

Picasso donated 921 works to the museum in 1970. The majority are oil paintings and drawings created during his childhood and youth.

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