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A MAN in Costa Blanca was forced to call emergency services after getting his testicle caught in a chair.

The unusual callout occurred in Torrevieja, when a man reportedly aged between 60 and 70-years-old was sitting on a plastic chair and became trapped after his genitalia dropped in between the spaces of his seat while showering.

Firefighters carefully freed the man by cutting parts of the chair but he did need medical attention having suffered minor injuries.

COUNCILLORS are calling for repair work to be carried out on a pedestrian motorway bridge over the A-7 which is “at risk of collapse”.

Located near the Beatriz Palace Hotel and the BP petrol station on the Fuengirola/Mijas border, the bridge is reportedly in a “pitiful” state.

The Mijas Councillor for Infastructure Jose Carlos Martin said “no-one is saying it is going to collapse tomorrow, but if we do not commit to repair work now, who knows what will happen.”

After receiving numerous complaints from residents, the Ciudadanos spokesman for Fuengirola, Javier Toro, sent a letter to the Ministry for Development, who responded with “there are improvement works going on in the area.”

While repair work has been carried out on many pedestrian bridges along the A-7 recently, the one on the Mijas/Fuengirola border has reportedly been skipped for “unknown reasons” according to the Jose Carlos Martin.

The Mijas council has reportedly sent their own letter in an attempt to get works started soon.

A 43-YEAR-OLD MAN who was shot dead near a school in Spain is believed to be an ex-gang member of the notorious Los Miami.

The Colombian national was shot 10 times shortly after dropping his child off at the British Council school in Pozuelo, Madrid.

According to witnesses, two men on a motorcycle drove up alongside the victim’s car and fired at Jose Ricardo Rojas Montes, and fled the scene using the heavy traffic to their advantage.

His partner, who was in the car at the time, has been placed in witness protection following the incident.

Police are working on the hypothesis that the hit was due to an old score being settled with other drug dealers.

A BRITISH man has died after being pulled unconscious from a hotel swimming pool in Spain.

Emergency services attempted to resuscitate the 79-year-old at the scene in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, but were unsuccessful according to reports.

According to 112 emergency number spokesperson said “a doctor who happened to be there had begun to perform a resuscitation” and emergency services then continued with “basic and advanced techniques but without success” and the man was declared dead at the scene.

Police are investigating the incident to determine what happened and are awaiting a coroners report.

SHOCKING footage posted on social media of a woman killing a cat by placing it in a washing machine and repeatedly putting it through a spin cycle has caused outrage.

During the horrifying incident, the woman can be heard saying after the first cycle, “looks like people were right about cats having seven lives” before adding detergent to the washing machine and putting on another cycle.

More than 300,000 people have since signed a petition on change.org to lobby the Ministry of Justice to take the case to court. The animal rights political group PACMA has also voiced their outrage calling for “the maximum penalty for animal cruelty, which is 18 months in prison and a three year ban” from having animals.

President of PACMA Silvia Barquero said the woman “treats it as a sort of game.

“I think she is enjoying the animal’s suffering, showing a total lack of empathy and needs to be made an example of.”

After posting the video on social media, the woman then uploaded a picture of the cat from before the incident which said “the cat is now dead… Yes the bad luck cat.”

The Euro Weekly News has made an editorial judgement not to show the footage, as it is distressing.

MALAGA City’s streets have been filled with thousands of protesters as part of the International Women’s Day strike.

With the motto ‘if we stop, the world stops’ women have taken to the city centre, surpassing all expectations, and brought parts to a standstill.

Chants saying “resist”, “sexism is also terrorism” could be heard as thousands marched down Calle Larios and Marina square.

More people are expected to join demonstrations scheduled for 7pm tonight.


"I'm a woman in favour of wings, not cages" ©Teresa Aguilar 

A BAR in Spain has caused controversy with its no ‘unruly children’ rule.

The sign read “if the child cries, screams or makes noises that annoy other customers, the parents will have to take them outside until they stop doing so,” re-igniting the debate as to whether bars and restaurants should be allowed to ban children.

Other rules imposed by the cocktail bar in Salamanca included “no running or playing in the premises,” “children must be with their parents at all times” and “no toys except phones and consoles.”

The venue quickly began to receive backlash on social media, with parents criticising the bar for putting up ‘unnecessary’ rules and treating children as “second class citizens.”

Others have however defended the rules, with some saying “it’s your business, run it as you please!” and some even threatening “never to come back if you take the sign down.

In a post on Facebook, the bar in question said “in an attempt to regulate coexistence, we wrote up those rules, but after seeing your comments we have realised that we were wrong.”

“We apologise to anyone we may have offended.”

The bar has since taken the sign down.

This decision has also caused some backlash, with some saying “so back to putting up with screams. The parents who can’t teach their children manners win again.”

“Why have you apologised? Children shouldn’t be in a cocktail bar to begin with, and even less so if they are going crazy,” others have said.

A shop in Murcia faced similar backlash when it put up a sign banning children and dogs in 2007, and two bars in Bilbao also maintained their no children policy despite outrage.

FOOTAGE of a spectacular waterfall cascading 'onto a road in southern Spain' has emerged online as storms continue to lash the country. But the video is not what it seems!

Several news outlets claim the video was shot in the town of Grazalema, in Cadiz, which has had an estimated 600 litres per square metre of rainfall since Friday (March 2), making it the wettest region in Spain according to state weather agency Aemet.

But the actual video was filmed in Gran Canaria on an unknown date.

Clive Muir from Turismo Grazalema told the Euro Weekly News, "Yep, that is the Canarias. I wish people would take more care before they post stuff."

Reservoirs in the province have risen by 10 per cent since the storms hit Andalucia, with the Arcos reservoir now at 90 per cent capacity.

Many parts of the country remain on yellow and orange alert for rain and strong winds.

ABOVE: The video that was claimed to be filmed in Grazalema in Cadiz province, Andalucia and BELOW: The real scene in the Grazalema area - courtesy of Clive Muir from Turismo Grazalema...


©Lisa Drew/Facebook

TWO people had to be rescued from separate rivers and a road has collapsed in Axarquia as storms continue to batter the region.

Emergency services had to rescue a man who became trapped in his car whilst trying to cross the Sabar river, which had burst its banks. 

The second person was rescued in Velez, again for attempting to cross a river in his car and getting stuck halfway. 

A road has washed away between Archez and Salares, forcing its closure.

A hotel in Torrox has also been forced to close due to flooding.




A BRITISH expatriate has warned Costa Blanca landlords after her villa was allegedly ransacked by a nightmare tenant who refused to pay rent before blackmailing her.

The British family left mouldy plates, take-away boxes, empty cans and stained sheets strewn all over the property when they moved out as well as causing thousands of Euros worth of damage.

Kelly Louise Metcalfe, 34, was initially pleased to hear her Benidorm-based letting agency had found her a tenant for her villa, but soon after they moved in on November 8 last year, the problems began.

Shortly after settling in, John Anthony Parkin - who lived at the property with his wife and children - began to claim there were ‘problems’ with the property and attempted to charge for replacements without providing proof appliances were broken. 2018-02-27-PHOTO-00000018.jpg


Speaking to the Euro Weekly News, Kelly, from Burnley, said John “didn’t put the electricity or water bills into his name,” despite being warned he would be cut off by the energy provider if he failed to pay the bills.

“He would never call us when there was a problem,” she said, before adding that he did not settle a single bill, leaving Valencia-based Kelly and her husband Hector more than €1,000 out of pocket.

On one occasion, the tenant claimed the power had gone out and he “knew a friend who was an electrician” who could fix it.

As Kelly was out of the country and unable to answer, her letting agency agreed to let the friend take a look at the problem. Soon after however a €350 ‘bill’ was sent to Mrs Metcalfe quoting repair work which was not authorised.

“The bill was clearly fake,” Kelly said, “we found the supposed company on Google but it was a California based firm with no connections in Spain.”

After refusing to pay for the ‘work’ carried out without permission, tensions escalated, with Mr Parkin demanding €350 and refusing to pay rent or move out until he received the money.

Then in a series of texts seen by Euro Weekly News, he admits to never intending to pay the rent as he was “busy sorting things out and getting legal advice” and once again demands money be transferred to his account if they want him to leave.


One of the messages seen by Euro Weekly News

Eventually John agreed to meet the estate agent who would give him the money in cash - as Kelly did not want to send it directly to his account - after he signed a contract terminating his rental agreement ,but it was not the last time he would attempt to rip off the Metcalfe’s.

Kelly claims that when the estate agent arrived at the property he found that the washing machine was missing. When he confronted John about it he said there never was a washing machine. Husband Hector was called over the issue and it wasn’t until he said do not pay John that he changed his claim.

“He walked over to his van and opened the back and took the washing machine out,” Kelly said.

Mr Parkin and his family left behind destroyed furniture, bricks in the pool - which will cost hundreds to repair -and is believed to have been subletting the property without permission as there were beds found in the garage that were not there before. A flat screen TV that was there before they moved in is also missing. The damages alone are estimated to cost more than €1,000. 



“The place stinks now, I’ve filed a report with the police in Benidorm, but I want to make sure others know of this so landlords beware,” Kelly said.

A post in an expatriate information forum for Costa Blanca on Facebook, the warning has been shared more than 1,000 times. 

Parkin spoke to UK media about the claims and while he did not deny refusing to pay rent and bills, he said he had no time to clean the premises before he left.

“It wasn’t blackmail. Everything I have done is totally legal,” he claims. 

Mr Parkin has been involved in incidents in the past in the UK, including attempting to set fire to a mosque according to the BBC.





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