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Malaga, Spain


Silent marchers protest in Palma

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A BETTER WORLD: Protestors’ aim and, inset, one of Jacek Wozniak’s artworks. A BETTER WORLD: Protestors’ aim and, inset, one of Jacek Wozniak’s artworks. Photo credits Tracy Splinter.

A SILENT protest march led by Polish artist Jacek Wozniak wound its way through the streets of Palma. The event con-sisted of a quiet demonstration, which started from the gardens of La Misericordia and passed along city centre streets before ending at the Plaza Mayor. 

Demonstrators carried printed images and banners of 30 paintings designed by Wozniak, illustrating current global socio-political concerns.

The silent march culminated in a rhythmic ‘drumming for universal peace and love’ session, for a better world for all.

“A world with clean uncontaminated air and water and food, where equality reigns and where children can grow up peacefully and are cared for by unstressed parents,” said 46-year-old supporter from Llubi, Joan Muñoz. “A world everyone dreams of, where love and not hate or war or dissent is valued,” he reiterated.

Wozniak’s artworks were taken afterwards to the Fundacion Miro to be temporarily exhibited.  Surprise guest Manu Chao opened the exhibition with a concert in the Fundacion’s gardens.

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