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Malaga, Spain


Malaga woman commits suicide in prison

A woman, 60, committed suicide in Alhaurin de la Torre prison after being arrested for failure to pay €3,784.


Between 2011 and 2012 she was working as a housemaid and stole numerous items of gold jewellery from her employers, which she later sold.

She was sentenced to six months in prison, and as she had no criminal record the sentence was suspended with the condition that she commit no further crimes and paid €3,784.34 in civil liability fees.

She was given 24 months to do so but in February, the public prosecutor was informed that she was not paying and efforts to contact her were fruitless.

Her lawyer declared she had no means to pay and asked for the sentence to be changed for community work.

This was refused and a search and arrest warrant was issued. She was arrested in her home and entered prison the following day.

Just five hours later she was found to have taken her own life. 

Published in Costa del Sol

Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Found Dead

UPDATE: Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, has been found dead in her Chelsea, New York City apartment.


Fashion designer Ms Scott, 49, began dating 70-year-old rock-star Jagger in 2001.

USA media reports, using law enforcement sources, say that the death is being investigated as suspected suicide.

A Rolling Stones spokesman says the band’s frontman is "completely shocked and devastated" by his partner’s death.

The band was touring Australia when the news broke.

They were scheduled to perform in Perth this Wednesday but that show has now been cancelled. 

Jagger is believed to have flown back to New York. 

Published in International

Police stop man from committing suicide

A POLICE patrol rescued a 37-year-old man found trying to commit suicide in a car parked on the Industrial Estate in Levante.

It was around four o-clock in the morning when the patrol noticed there was something odd about the parked car. The officers saw a tube leading from the exhaust into the boot and a man who seemed to be sleeping in the passenger seat. Police removed the tube and woke the man.

Although he denied it at first, he later confirmed that he had been trying to commit suicide. The man’s family had reported his disappearance two days previously. Officers called for an ambulance and the man was taken to the Son Llatzer hospital and kept under observation. 

Published in Mallorca

Father banned from seeing kids attempts suicide

A PORTUGUESE man attempted suicide by setting fire to himself in the centre of Murcia’s shopping district. He is currently in critical condition in hospital with 80 per cent burns.

Witnesses say he had a placard saying he had been refused access to his children and as a result, would set himself on fire.

It is understood the man has two children, both of whom have mental disabilities. When their mother died they were placed in to a home with the father having regular visits. However, staff complained of his increasingly violent behavior towards them and a temporary ban on visits was put in place as an evaluation was carried out.

Published in Costa Blanca South

Ariel Castro, jailed for school bus kidnapping and holding three women captive for a decade in Cleveland, has died after allegedly hanging himself inside his prison cell.

Prison officials claim the 53-year-old was found in his cell at the Correctional Reception Centre in Orient, Ohio, at 9.20pm on Tuesday night.

Prison medical staff reportedly performed CPR on him before he was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Published in USA

AN expatriate family has been wiped out in a triple shooting that has left the Costa del Sol stunned.

Philip, Sheila and Sophie Wood were found dead at their home in Torrenueva, Mijas. They were well known and much liked in the local community.

The father is British and Sheila and their daughter Sophie Irish.

Stunned friends have been leaving messages on social networking sites showing their shock at the tragic turn of events.

The trio were found by their landlord. On entering the premises he found Mr Wood’s body and immediately called police.

Guardia Civil officers have said it may be a murder- suicide.

It is understood that Sophie was handicapped and Sheila had been battling cancer.

Speaking after the bodies were found, a Guardia Civil spokeswoman said the family was renting the property where they were found dead.

"The latest information we have is that the owner of the house had not heard from the family for a few days and had not been paid," she said.

"He went to the house today and when there was no reply at the door, he went inside. Inside he saw the man dead on the sofa and immediately called the Guardia Civil.

"When officers inspected the house they found the wife and the daughter dead in a bedroom."

Published in Costa del Sol

The bodies of twin British pensioners have been found in their flat in Fuengirola. The police believe it may be a double suicide and that no one else was involved.

The bodies of 83 year James and George Chalkley were found in the flat they shared after reports from neighbours of a ‘bad smell’ coming from the premises.

One body was on a bed and the other in a chair. Both had plastic bags tied tightly over their heads. A suicide note was found at the scene.

Police sources said that the case has been handed to an examining judge, but that everything pointed to a double suicide at this stage.

Published in Costa del Sol

THE children of the vet accused of murdering his wife before dismembering her support their father's story that their mother wanted to commit suicide.

They say she had tried to end her own life on previous occasions but swift action by their father always prevented her from succeeding.

The 45-year-old vet admitted to police he dismembered his wife's body and called the local animal cremation services to have her remains disposed of, but he denies her murder.

He told police he found her in a semi-conscious state in the veterinary clinic in Benijofar having intravenously administered a cocktail of drugs.

He said he tried for three hours to revive her, saying he failed to alert the emergency services to save time and because he felt qualified to deal with his wife's condition.

Unable to save her and choosing to respect the will of his wife that no one saw her dead, he explained he had her body cremated.

Defence lawyers for the vet claim shock made him react the way he did causing 'temporary insanity' and ask for his release from prison saying there was no murder.

Published in Costa Blanca South

Content blocked

MICRO-BLOGGING site Twitter will cooperate with the Russian Government to block users who tweet information on illegal drugs and promote suicide and child porn.

Published in Russian Press

Driven to suicide

THE Supreme Court has ruled that the suicide of a Sevilla bus driver was a work-related accident.

He committed suicide due work-related stress and his widow and children will receive compensation based on a work accident.

In 2005, he had an accident at work and required a doctor for a nervous breakdown and stress which caused digestive problems. The doctor recommended eating at set hours but the Municipal Sevilla Urban Transport Society (Tussam) refused.

In 2007, there was a strike and assets belonging to Tussam were damaged. The driver was arrested, but he was declared innocent. The company appealed this decision and opened disciplinary proceedings against him. Although the case was dropped, by then, he had committed suicide.

In November 2008, while working, he took a different route, drove for a while and then parked at a filling station, called the emergency services and said he felt unwell and didn’t know where he was.

The Andalucian Supreme Court of Justice considered it a work-related accident, but the company appealed. However, the Supreme Court has now confirmed the sentence and the company will also have to pay legal costs. 

Published in Spain
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