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Smartphone stupidity

Swipe left or right for love

Smart for a phone

The share pleasure of it

Take back (digital) control

Hack to the future

Mind the gender

Assault and battery

Give us a break

All you need is pods

If help is just a tantrum away

Terms of ensnarement

Spare a few Bitcoins mister?

All I have to do is stream

Welcum We Spik Inglish

Wham spam thank you ma’am

ET tweet home?

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VIDEO: Cow screams in pain while being mishandled at Spanish festival

FOOTAGE captured during celebrations of the festival of St. Matthew shows a distressed cow audibly in pain whilst being transported through the streets of...

Lightning storms, pretty to look at but deadly for Spain’s woodlands

LIGHTNING has caused no less than 61 fires in the Valencian community in August alone. This is the most recorded in 20 years, ahead of...

MISSING: Public appeal for Irish man who ‘disappeared’ in Spain a week ago

POLICE in Spain are investigating the disappearance of an Irish man on the Costa Blanca who hasn't been seen since the early hours of...

Woman sues police after long queues made her miss flight to Spain

AN airline passenger is taking legal action against police after she alleges that long security queues made her miss her flight to Mallorca. The...

‘Violent death’ of security guard in Spain this morning – police investigate

A MAN with severe head injuries has been found dead in a municipal park in the south of Spain early this morning (Saturday). The 63-year-old...

British woman hospitalised after alleged violent assault in popular Spanish resort

NATIONAL POLICE are investigating an alleged violent attack in Spain which left a British woman in hospital suffering from serious head injuries. Police confirmed the...

Spain’s prime minister Sanchez may trigger early elections

SPAIN’S Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has raised the possibility of early elections if his minority government reaches a stage where it can no longer...

More penalty points for mobile phone use behind wheel in Spain

CONTROL and surveillance is being stepped up this week as part of a campaign to prevent distractions at the wheel on Spanish roads. Until Monday,...

British man stabbed in latest ‘targeted’ Costa del Sol attack

NATIONAL POLICE are investigating a knife attack on a 24-year-old British man on the Costa del Sol. The attack took place in Puerto Banus near...

Fish eaters in Spain have highest exposure to body-harming chemicals in Europe

FISH eaters in Spain have the highest exposure to chemicals which can affect hormonal levels and the reproductive system. A team from the Institute of...

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