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A woman is raped ‘every six hours’ in Spain according to Spanish minister

ONE woman is raped somewhere in Spain every six hours on average, according to a report from the country’s Interior Ministry. There were a total...

British nuclear sub in Gibraltar fires warning flare at Spanish police boat

HMS TALENT, the Royal Navy submarine fired a warning flare at a Spanish vessel after it came too close.  When the Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine was...

VIDEO: How Beach thieves work in pairs to outsmart unsuspecting Brits in Spain

YOUTUBE channel Gaviota 007 has published videos detailing exactly how holidaymakers are targeted on Spanish beaches. The videos feature the beaches of Magaluf and Youtuber...

Young woman dies after early morning third-floor balcony plunge in Spain

A THIRTY-YEAR-OLD woman has died after falling from a balcony in the early hours of the morning on the Spanish party island of Mallorca. The woman...

Morocco’s crack down on thousands of Spain-bound migrants

REPORTS have emerged that the forests of Tangiers, Morocco are filled with sub-Saharan migrants escaping poverty and violence in their homelands. Migrants have flocked to...

Costa toddler dies after alleged ‘hard punch’ from mother’s partner

A TODDLER who was admitted to an Alicante hospital with injuries allegedly inflicted by his mother’s partner, has died. The two-and-a-half year old passed away...

Woman in Spain dies after pressure cooker ‘explodes’

A 66-YEAR-OLD woman in Spain has died after her pressure cooker exploded. The tragic accident happened while the woman was preparing a chickpea stew in...

Ancient Greek-styled erotic art arouses debate in Spain

A NEW collection of erotic sculptures has popped up at a popular marina in Spain dividing opinions amongst the locals and tourists alike. Local artist Antoni...

FITTING PLAN? Proposal to charge customers to try on new clothes in shops in...

A NEW PROPOSAL suggesting customers should be charged to use fitting rooms in high-street shops has been offered by a minister in Spain. The idea,...

IN PICTURES: Trapped worker rescued from top of tower crane in Spain

FIREFIGHTERS with a head for heights swung into action on a turntable ladder after a worker at the top of a tower crane became trapped. The...

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