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John Smith

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Daesh scores point in Brussels

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Bombing on a scale of one to 10

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How the scales fell from my eyes

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Quo Vadis UKIP and Nigel Farage

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Apple shaken to the core

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Exit from EU could be damaging

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Women’s pensions are in the news

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One smell we could all do without

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Whiteout cripples parts of the US

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Old style light bulbs may return

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First website launched in 1991

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Falling cost of oil hurts Saudi

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Regulated online casinos versus unregulated markets

REGULATED and unregulated gaming markets have two different approaches to online casino gambling. Regulated casino markets attempt to legalise, license, regulate, and tax online...

Man charged with murder of Spanish golfing champion Celia Barquin in the USA

POLICE in the United States of America have charged a man with murder just hours after finding the body of Spanish golfer Celia Barquin...

WATCH: Spain’s leading English newspaper making headlines in UK

WHEN a major British TV news channel wanted the background on the Brit man who was shot dead after opening fire on police on...

UK diplomat trying to explain balcony deaths in Spain lampooned on Twitter

GENERAL LLOYD MILEN, a high-ranking British diplomat in Spain, has come under fire on social media after he tried to explain the recent spate...

British woman dies after hotel pool accident while on holiday in Spain

A BRITISH woman has died after being pulled from a hotel swimming pool while holidaying on one of Spain’s Canary Islands. She was rescued from...

WATCH: Naked ‘surfer’ takes to streets as it rains in Spain

WHEN it rains in Spain while you're on a hard-earned holiday what do you do to amuse yourself? Well, if you're in Benidorm and the...

Belgian court rejects Spanish extradition request for rapper Valtonyc

A REQUEST from Spain for the extradition of a rapper who has been sentenced to prison for charges including insulting the monarchy, has been...

EXCLUSIVE: British pool drowning boy out of intensive care and sitting up in hospital...

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Blair Scott, who was found lying motionless at the bottom of a resort swimming pool in Spain, is out of intensive care and...

‘Disruptive’ passenger on Ryanair flight from UK to Spain forces U-turn

A WOMAN has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on board an aircraft after the plane was forced to return to its departure...

Take a sneaky peek at SEAT’s new SUV a day before its official release

WITH SEAT due to officially launch its new SUV the Tarraco on Tuesday (September 18) in Tarragona the Euro Weekly News can give you...

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