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Can they use spreadsheets?


Can they get natural gas?


Can she sell an inherited car?

Yet still more on wealth tax

Must they pay wealth tax?

Do they need a tax adviser?

Do I pay Spanish income tax?

Do they need an AFO?

Can their plan work?

Can only Agenda items be voted?

Do I need a Spanish driving licence?

Where are his title deeds?

Will they pay inheritance tax?

Can one owner enlarge his door?

Events cause disruption

How to quiet noisy renters?

Can we get mains sewage?

How can they fix the leak?

Is there cause for complaint?

Is chimney flue legal?

Cyclists have alcohol limits

Can they restrict the pool?

How much capital gains tax?

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CHARGED: Internet troll who scammed victims with fake screenshots

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil have arrested a teenager who was running an online scam involving the purchase of second-hand products. An investigation began in...

NUTS: Spanish farmers forced to plant almonds to satisfy global hunger

SPANISH farmers are being forced to replace traditional wheat and sunflower fields with almond orchards amid a boom in global demand. The nut’s well-publicised health...

Lib Dems’ dodgy donor charged after Mallorca probe

A CONMAN who donated €2.7 million of stolen funds to the Liberal Democrats has been charged with laundering millions of pounds of dirty money...

TRAGIC FALL: British holidaymaker plunges to his death in popular resort in Spain

A BRITISH holidaymaker has died after falling over the edge of a steep roadside in Spain. Reports suggest the 72-year-old Brit, while holidaying in Menorca,...

Spanish politician to push for referendum on bullfighting

THE LEADER of leftist party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has proposed a national referendum should be held so the Spanish population can decide if bullfighting...

Spain urges Brits to give blood and save lives

EVERY day in Spain, dozens of people’s lives are saved by crucial blood donations. The majority of surgeries, organ transplants and cancer treatments that are...

THE VINYL STRAW: Brit tourist sues club in Spain after a falling record sliced...

A DECORATIVE vinyl disc, hung from a nightclub ceiling, plummeted to the dance floor slicing the cheek and eyelid of British holidaymaker. Charlie Mercer, a British...

WATCH: Shocking video of cow ‘being mishandled’ at festival in Spain

SHOCKING video shot in Spain shows a distressed cow audibly in pain while being transported through the streets. The animal, tied by the horns, can...

Lightning storms, pretty to look at but deadly for Spain’s woodlands

LIGHTNING has caused no less than 61 fires in the Valencian community in August alone. This is the most recorded in 20 years, ahead of...

MISSING: Public appeal for Irish man who ‘disappeared’ in Spain a week ago

POLICE in Spain are investigating the disappearance of an Irish man on the Costa Blanca who hasn't been seen since the early hours of...

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