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Colin Bird

Each week, Colin brings his slightly off-the-wall view of the world to the pages of EWN in his own irreverent style.

On your bike

A single well aimed arrow

Alarm bells were ringing

When you’re hot you’re hot

Halcyon days of jam

When good tolerates bad

The vegetarian appeal

Designed to confuse?


Officially a grumpy old man

Beaten by the table

© Flickr by malgor.

True heroes of our lives

Little sparrows (sorry Leapy!)

Whiff of the past in the air

Always in the dog house

The scourge of bullying

Referendum decision day


I’ve woken up in the future

I’m Finnish, come fly me

What price independence?

An incident remembered

Don’t fake it . . . Enjoy it

When less can be more

It’s just plain luck

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IN PICTURES: Trapped worker rescued from top of tower crane in Spain

FIREFIGHTERS with a head for heights swung into action on a turntable ladder after a worker at the top of a tower crane became trapped. The...

SHELL SHOCKED: Medics in Spain discover turtle in ‘intimate region’ of Brit woman’s body

DOCTORS in Spain were shocked to find a British woman had a decomposing turtle rotting away inside her body causing a severe infection. The woman, reportedly...

EYE TO EYE: Worldwide event is coming to the Costa Blanca 

WHERE has human connection gone? That's what Kris Vandenreijt is asking... To honour the International Week of Peace, every country in the world will share...

Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary re-elected at company’s AGM

MICHAEL O'LEARY, chief executive of budget Irish airline Ryanair, has also been re-elected CEO with 98.5 per cent of the votes at the company's...

British family ‘prisoners’ in hotel in Spain after kids catch hand-foot-and-mouth disease

A HONEYMOONING British couple from Essex claim they had a terrible holiday experience in Menorca when their children contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease. The newlyweds Daniel and...

Lifeless body found on beach in south of Spain

EMERGENCY services have confirmed that a corpse has been found on a beach in southern Spain today (Thursday). The 112 Andalucia emergency control centre said...

STORM ALI: Passengers ‘vomiting and crying’ on turbulent flight from Spain to UK

PASSENGERS on a holiday flight from Ibiza to Glasgow yesterday (Wednesday) experienced severe turbulence as their plane was buffeted by Storm Ali. Winds of up...

Heart-broken grandfather pays touching tribute to four-year-old Brit boy who drowned on holiday in...

THE grieving grandfather of a four-year-old British boy, Presley Stockton, who died yesterday (Wednesday) at a hotel resort in Spain has paid tribute to...

Woman dies on beach in Spain after being rescued from the sea

A 65-YEAR-OLD woman has died on a Costa Blanca beach after being pulled unconscious from the sea. The incident was reported at 12.05pm yesterday (Wednesday)...

British boy, 4, drowns in tragic Spanish hotel swimming pool incident

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD British boy has died at a hotel resort in Spain after suffering a possible cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the...

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