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Colin Bird

Colin Bird

Each week, Colin brings his slightly off-the-wall view of the world to the pages of EWN in his own irreverent style.

On your bike

A single well aimed arrow

Alarm bells were ringing

When you’re hot you’re hot

Halcyon days of jam

When good tolerates bad

The vegetarian appeal

Designed to confuse?


Officially a grumpy old man

Beaten by the table

© Flickr by malgor.

True heroes of our lives

Little sparrows (sorry Leapy!)

Whiff of the past in the air

Always in the dog house

The scourge of bullying

Referendum decision day


I’ve woken up in the future

I’m Finnish, come fly me

What price independence?

An incident remembered

Don’t fake it . . . Enjoy it

When less can be more

It’s just plain luck

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