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A BRITISH holiday homeowner has spoken exclusively to Euro Weekly News claiming a management company failed to repair water damage to his property costing him thousands of euros.

Kevin Quinn, 50, from West London, said he arrived at his holiday home on Victoria Playa in Campoamor to find it had been gutted by torrential rain in September 2015.

He allegedly made several attempts to get Sudecasa, a property administration company based in the area and responsible for maintaining the home, to repair the damage were unsuccessful.

“I’m now about €20,000 out of pocket as a result of having to pay for repairs myself,” Mr Quinn said.

“I’m hoping that by going to the press they may come to the negotiating table. But they have forced me down this road,” he said.

They added they had always made themselves available to Mr Quinn and believed the damage had been fixed.  

Mr Quinn said water poured into his property, a holiday home bought for himself and his children in 2004, following heavy rain in 2015.

“Water leaked in through my ceiling from the balcony of an apartment over me,” he said.

Mr Quinn said he was told by Sudecasa the problem had been fixed. He claimed a builder noticed a leak in September 2016 which had not been repaired and in the following December another storm caused more damage.

Mr Quinn said his insurance company had agreed to pay out more than €13,000 to cover repairs but he had to put up the rest of the funds himself.

Emails seen by Euro Weekly News confirm Mr Quinn was in touch with Sudecasa for several months in an attempt to get the damage repaired.

Sudecasa said they always handled their client’s problems professionally and in a timely manner. 

The firm said in a statement: “Mr Quinn was advised the problem had been rectified. It is correct that in December 2016 the entire area was affected by torrential rain with many properties suffering water damage and substantial insurance claims being submitted.”

They added they had no control over the actions of insurance companies and they were “very surprised” by Quinn’s allegations.


AXARQUIA police have issued a warning on social media to pet owners after claims surfaced of fish hooks being left with food on them in Velez-Malaga.

Officers said anyone with information about the hooks should come forward and report it to authorities. 

The placing of the fishhooks is believed to be a deliberate attempt to harm animals, with the identity of those responsible and their motives currently unknown. 

Officers said they heard about it after a Velez-Malaga resident posted a picture in an online group for local pet owners.

Police said in their Facebook post such behaviour amounted to animal cruelty making the culprits liable for prosecution.

“There seems to be someone leaving food on a hook in Velez-Malaga. If anyone knows who the person responsible for these actions against our furry animals is, do not hesitate to provide us with information,” the post said.

The resident who made the claim initially said she was walking in the San Jose area of the town when her dog tried to eat bread with a hook inside.

A MAN has been photographed walking through the arrivals hall of Palma airport in nothing but a pink bikini.

The tourist is believed to have been attending a stag party with friends. Passengers collecting luggage reported seeing him wander into the terminal at Son Sant Joan cheered on by friends, according to reports in Spanish media.

Palma’s airport is no stranger to uninhibited tourists, with thousands arriving at Son Sant Joan destined for Magaluf and other party hotspots throughout the island.


A MUSICIAN due to begin a three and a half year prison sentence tomorrow (Thursday) on monarchy slander and glorifying terrorism charges may have left Spain, according to police.

Josep Miguel Arenas, a rapper who performs under the stage name Valtonyc, was on a ten-day countdown to voluntarily enter prison after failing to overturn the sentence in an appeal.

He was bailed by the court and allowed freedom of movement as part of his conditions. Guardia Civil and Police sources claimed he may have used that freedom to evade the sentence.

Arenas wrote on Twitter that he was not going to give up in his fight against serving jail time.

“They will knock down the door of my house to put me in jail for some songs. I’m not going to make it so easy, disobedience is legitimate and obligatory against this fascist state,” he tweeted.

Arenas was previously found guilty of insulting the Spanish crown and lauding groups such as the Basque nationalist ETA and leftist militants GRAPO in his songs. He failed to get the sentence overturned in an appeal earlier this year.

The artist has maintained he was expressing his political views in the songs and that this is protected by freedom of expression.

The court ruled the lyrics were not protected by free speech rights and that they broke the law.

In a separate development a union representing Guardia Civil officers has said it will make a complaint after the rapper was caught on video telling fans to “kill” police officers.

The Unified Association of Guardia Civil officers (AUGC) added the comments went beyond the limits of free expression ad had nothing to do with his songs.

“That someone from a stage urges the public to commit attacks or to assassinate a worker for the mere fact of wearing a uniform is something that should make us reflect,” the union said.

A DOCTOR found guilty of masturbating in front of a woman who came to see him in his Salamanca clinic has been sentenced to serve two years in prison.

The Criminal Court of Salamanca also ruled the defendant be disqualified from practising medicine for two years and that he should pay €1,000 in compensation to the victim. The sentence may yet be suspended, according to reports.

The court heard the doctor was seeing the patient at the Guijuelo Health Centre when he began masturbating in front of her.

Prosecutors presented video evidence in which they claimed the defendant could be seen committing the act.

The doctor denied the charges and claimed during a cross examination that he had had a “strong itch” in his groin area which he then had to scratch.

The court later found the defendant guilty on a charge of sexual abuse aggravated by a breach of trust.

A private prosecution brought by the victim had sought a three-year prison sentence but the court settled on the two requested by public prosecutors.

A COURT in northern Germany has refused a new request from Spanish prosecutors to allow the extradition of Carles Puigdemont to face charges of rebellion.

The Territorial Hearing of Schleswig-Holstein said returning the former Catalan President, who is currently on bail in Germany awaiting a final decision on extradition, was “inadmissible”.

The decision was in response to a new request filed by Spanish authorities earlier this month, with prosecutors reportedly sending new information to German justices.

Evidence included documents and videos which allegedly showed violence being committed against police during last year’s push for independence for Cataluña.

A statement issued by prosecutors said the evidence showed Puigdemont was liable to answer for rebellion charges.

“The extradition should go ahead not only according to the German law of high treason, but also the disturbance of public order which is particularly serious in this case,” the statement said.

Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Puigdemont earlier this year for rebellion and corruption charges in connection with the push for secession which began last October with an independence referendum. He later fled Spain and has been abroad ever since.

German courts have not said when they will give their final decision to Spanish authorities on whether to allow Puigdemont’s extradition to Spain on the lesser charge of corruption.

Prosecutors allege Puigdemont misused public funds in order to stage the independence referendum, which was ruled illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court.

SPAIN’S Ambassador to Israel has been summoned by the country’s government after voting in favour of sending United Nations (UN) investigators to Gaza following the death of Palestinians there.

Manuel Gomez-Acebo was called in to speak with the Israelis yesterday (Monday) along with Slovenia’s envoy to the country. Belgium’s ambassador was due to meet officials today (Tuesday).

The talks follow a vote in the UN Human Rights Council. It authorised the posting of a team of war crime investigators to probe the deaths of Palestinians in shootings on the Gaza-Israel border.

Spain, along with Slovenia and Belgium, voted for of the investigation. A total of 29 countries approved the probe, with the United States and Australia voting against and 14 states including Britain, Switzerland and Germany abstaining.

Spain’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement the country’s government has decided to provide humanitarian aid to people living in Gaza.

“This immediate humanitarian help requested by the United Nations is aimed at improving emergency medical assistance, particularly with regard to the shortage of medical equipment,” the statement said.

The Ministry added €600,000 had been earmarked to help fund the delivery of aid via the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The motion passed on Friday said the team would investigated all allegations of “violations and abuses” connected with Israel’s deployment of soldiers to the border.

The troop posting followed protests, which began in late March, over the right for Palestinians to return to homes fled during the creation of Israel in 1948.

At least 118 Palestinians are believed to have been killed since demonstrations began, according to Hamas-run Gaza authorities. No Israeli deaths have been reported.

Protests were further inflamed after the United States opened its new embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, with 62 demonstrators killed on the border that day.

Israel said the troop deployment was necessary to defend its border with Gaza and to stop mass movements into its territory.

The Israelis added Hamas were using the protests as a cover to carry out violent acts.

SIMON MANLEY, Britain’s chief diplomatic representative in Spain, has said his country wants to be the European Union’s (EU) main partner after it leaves the bloc.

The ambassador added Britain wanted a “close” and “positive” relationship with the EU while speaking about Brexit negotiations at a meeting organised by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

Manley said Britain did not want to be in the bloc but its withdrawal in 2019 did not mean that it would be stepping away from Europe entirely.

“The United Kingdom has never felt comfortable in the EU. We had a very important role in the development of the project, especially the single market, but now we must respect the decision of our citizens,” he said.

“We will have to work together, differently because we will not be members, but thinking about what is better for the future.”

Manley said the future relationship depended on the outcome of withdrawal negotiations currently being undertaken by Britain and the EU. He added his country would not “lower its standards” after its departure from the bloc.

The ambassador said he did not agree that the only model for future relations were those the EU has with countries such as Canada and South Korea.

“We believe we are not like any of those countries, not only geographically, but that we are a country that has contributed much more to the EU,” he said.

“The agreement between Britain and the European Union should reflect our very close commercial relationship,” he said.

Manley said Brexit was the most important issue Britain had faced in recent decades. He said the most difficult aspect of withdrawal would be the issue over the border with the Republic of Ireland.

“It is the only land border with the rest of the EU and the British Government has already made it clear that it will leave the Customs Union. We cannot find a solution,” he said.

THE Spanish government has said it will continue to maintain direct rule in Cataluña in response to new President Quim Torra’s appointment of pro-independence politicians to his cabinet.

Madrid said the appointments, which included two officials who are currently in custody awaiting trial for their part in last year’s independence push, were a “provocation”.

Jordi Turull and Josep Rull were remanded in custody earlier this year. The appointments of Toni Comin and Lluis Puig, who remain abroad and wanted by Spanish authorities for their part in Cataluña’s bid for secession last year, were also blocked.

Torra responded by saying he had the authority to appoint officials to his cabinet and government and that he hoped the government would recognise that. He has reportedly asked Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for dialogue on the issue.

Spain’s government has blocked the publication of the appointments in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Cataluña. The appointments must be published in the Gazette to become official.

The government said another decree, which was signed by Torra and outlined areas of responsibility for his new government, did not raise “viability problems” and that it has been published.

Madrid added it would continue to maintain Article 155 in the region, the legal mechanism used to run the region from the Spanish capital.

The governing conservative Partido Popular (PP) has been backed by the two opposition unionist parties the left leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) and the centrist Ciudadanos in the move.

Separately, Torra has announced he will travel to Madrid to visit Turull and Rull in custody today.

TWO political groups have filed complaints with prosecutors against Cataluña’s new President over comments made about Spanish people which they claimed amounted to hate speech.

Spain’s Special Prosecutor’s Officer for Hate Crimes and Discrimination are now reportedly analysing tweets and articles published by Quim Torra, who was sworn into the office yesterday. He allegedly referred to Spanish people as “beasts” in one remark.

Their probe comes after the far right political party Vox and the Movement Against Intolerance group both lodged complaints with authorities.

They claimed Torra’s comments violated Section 510 of Spain’s Criminal Code which forbids: “incitement to hate, hostility, discrimination or violence against a group.”

In one remark he said: “Spaniards only known how to plunder.”

“Above all, what is surprising is their tone, poor manners, their Spanish snobbery, the sense of filth. Horrible,” read another.

The Catalan President acknowledged he made the comments and apologised for them after the region’s Parliament elected him to the office by a margin of one vote.

“I regret it, it will not happen again,” he said while speaking to lawmakers.

Pedro Sanchez, the national leader of the left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE), said the comments were “xenophobic” and “racist”.

“He is more or less the Le Pen of Spanish politics,” he said, in reference to French nationalist and anti-immigrant Front National leader Marion Le Pen.

The possible investigation comes as Spain’s governing conservative Partido Popular (PP) prepares to end the direct rule imposed on Cataluña following last year’s independence push.

The PP and the PSOE have both ruled out refusing to re-impose Article 155 on the region if its new government restarts moves towards secession.

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