Jay Emeny

Jay Emeny

IBIZA’S San Antonio bar and nightclub owners are threatening to ignore new laws that force businesses to close by 3 am.

The owners claim the measures, which include soundproofing their venues and closing two hours earlier, will make them lose income.

Staff also believe it could affect people’s livelihoods, especially those working at bars, clubs hotels and restaurants, if the new measures drive tourists away.

Local police have backed earlier closures as public disorder was “almost impossible to control” but businesses believe revellers will simply move out onto the streets and continue drinking after clubs close.

Under the council’s proposals, open-air terraces of bars will have to be cleared by 11 pm instead of 2am, and nightclubs will be forced to close by 3am instead of 5 am.

Businesses are being given a six-month period to install noise limiters, and soundproof their premises.

SPAIN is set to be hit by another cold snap, bringing temperatures down with rain and snow forecast in many parts of the country.

According to state weather agency Aemet, it will rain throughout most of northern Spain, as well as parts of Valencia and most Alicante up to Benidorm tomorrow (Wednesday).

Snow is expected to fall in areas 300 metres above sea level in central and northern regions while south-eastern regions will see snow in areas 800 metres above sea level.

Andalucia will be largely unaffected as skies are expected to stay clear, however temperatures will drop to 13 degrees on Thursday and rain is forecast for Sunday in Malaga.

Yellow alerts for strong winds have also been issued for both Mallorca and Menorca for tomorrow and Thursday.

SPANISH Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has congratulated the singer Marta Sanchez after controversially adding lyrics to Spain’s national anthem.

Footage of the ‘Marcha Real’ performance at a concert in Madrid split opinions on Spanish social media but both Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular have supported her performance.

“The vast majority of Spaniards feel represented. Thank you Marta,” said Rajoy in a post on Twitter.

The leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias said however that “patriotism shouldn’t come from anthems… but from pride in public services” in an attack on public funding.

The lyrics in English are:

I return home, to my beloved land,

which saw the birth of a heart here.

Today I sing to you, to tell you how much pride there is in me,

that's why I resisted.

My love grows every time I leave,

but do not forget that without you I do not know how to live.

Red, yellow, colors that shine in my heart and I do not apologize.

Great Spain, to God I thank you for being born here,

honoring you to the end.

s your daughter I will carry that honor,

fill each corner with your light.

And if someday I cannot go back,

save me a place to rest at last. "

A REPORT has revealed that a number of public hospitals in Spain have been involved with a company that charges tourist ‘up to triple’ the cost of medical care.

According to a document seen by a Spanish newspaper, International Care Patient Assistance (ICPA) acts as an intermediary between the patient and the hospital and is given free reign to charge what it sees as fit as long as the medical centre gets a cut.

The report states that the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona has a deal with ICPA where it receives 55 per cent of what is charged by the company. Last year more 1,616 tourists received treatment at that hospital alone.

Hospital del Mar received €852,000 from these treatments, while ICPA charged more than double, making a total of €1.8 million.

Sant Pau Hospital – also in Barcelona – also uses the same company to manage tourist patients, but does not have an agreement with how much they should receive as long as costs of care are covered. According to the figures revealed, it appears they could be charging even higher rates.

In one case, a German tourist had a heart attack and needed a bypass at Sant Pau. He was charged €68,000 for a €19,908 bill according to his insurance company, who then took ICPA to court.

The company used to operate across Spain in many tourist hotspots including Marbella on the Costa del Sol Hospital, the Denia and Torrevieja hospitals and others in Valencia, Manacor, the Balearic Islands, Portugal and even in Turkey.

ICPA has been shut down in these areas after numerous court cases brought forward by both insurance companies and patients for the surcharges they add and also for demanding money up front from patients in certain cases.

Although most patients are covered by some form of insurance, the report estimated that between 15 and 20 per cent of people requiring treatment from the two Barcelona hospitals were required to pay for the costs in full.

Both Mar and Sant Pau hospitals defend ICPA, and have said the charges are “purely for the service provided”. They are both largely funded by the Catalan Government but are allowed to manage their funds.

ICPA has told Spanish media that “at all times” they have followed the “suggestions put forward by hospitals” in terms of what to charge tourists.

It blames “pressure from insurance companies” and says they provide more services than “merely charging patients” including providing translators, family support for patients and aftercare.

A VIDEO of a bus driver expertly manoeuvring through a narrow road with four metre snow walls on either side in Barcelona is doing the rounds on social media in Spain.

The incredible footage was shot near the Masella and Castella de Nuch ski resort, and shows the vehicle narrowly avoiding scrapping the sides and getting stuck.

The school children were returning from a field trip during Semana Blanca when they reached the difficult section of the road.

EMERGENCY SERVICES were called out to a beach in Alicante after a suspected drunk driver took their car out to sea.

Firefighters towed the car back to land after it got stuck some six metres out from the Agua Amarg shoreline.

The driver was taken to a Local Police station for an alcohol test and had his car impounded.

FACEBOOK is constantly working to improve its algorithm to show users what they want to see on their news feed.

The latest changes aim to prioritise your friends posts over groups and pages that you follow.

However if, like many, you follow news pages on Facebook to stay updated there is a way to keep seeing posts.

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TWO brothers have been arrested in Spain for allegedly bringing Romanian women to Spain and forcing them into prostitution.

The Sandulache clan would allegedly lure women to Spain with the promise of working as bar tenders, but would beat and drug their victims and force them to sell themselves.

It was only when one woman became suspicious when she was about to fly with Cristian Sandulache and another woman that the operation was uncovered. According to reports she slipped a note saying, “I don’t want to travel. They are making me” to passport control in Bucarest, who quickly got in touch with Spanish authorities to discuss how to proceed.

As there was already an investigation into the Sandulaches, authorities allowed them to board the plane and were met by Spanish police once they landed.

The Sandulache brothers – Sebastian and Cristian -  face 127 and 115 years in prison for human trafficking and money laundering.

The victims’ lawyer, Judith Gomez, has criticised the Prosecution for not bringing rape charges despite their testimonies describing the constant abuse they faced at the hands of the brothers.

Sebastian and Cristian both claim that the victims are lying, and “simply want compensation money,” after breaking up with them.  

GOLFING ace, Oliver Strang, continues to impress with another top three finish in an international tournament, this time in the US Kids Australian Junior Open.

The eight-year-old, based in Caceres, flew to Sydney before making his way to Riverside Oaks Golf Course to compete on one of the top 100 golf courses in Australia. Speaking to the Euro Weekly News, Oliver’s father Christopher said despite “battling jet lag”, he managed to finish third on the first day with a +1.  The 44 degree weather and heat exhaustion “had a massive effect on all the players walking,” he added.

The second day started off well, with Oliver making birdies and an eagle, but in a difficult section of the course, he hit the ball into the water and, as he went to take his drop in shot, slipped and hit into the water again.

He kept his composure and managed to three-putt the hole, finishing the day with an eight.

Overall  he finished with a total of +6, originally placing him joint fifth, but after scoring discrepancies were found he ended joint third out of 26 of the best golfers of his age.

“He stood tall and accepted that golf is golf and things are sent to challenge us, he was a true warrior and picked himself up and congratulated the winners,” his father said.

Having returned from Australia, Oliver is now waiting to hear if he has qualified for the World Championships in the USA in August.


WEATHER WARNINGS are still in place across most of Spain as more than 300 roads have been affected by the recent bad weather.

The AP-6 has been closed from kilometre 60 to 110 heading to Madrid due to ice, while a lorry has tipped over on the A-1 forcing its closure.

Parts of Alicante are also experiencing slow traffic, especially on the A-79 and A-31.

The bad weather is expected to continue until at least Wednesday, with more snow in northern and central Spain and Cataluña as well as parts of Andalucia.

A full list of the roads affected can be found here.

Even the football has been affected by the drop in temperatures.@beINSPORTSes.jpg


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