We shouldn’t be dictated to

GLOOMY OUTLOOK: Where have all the leavers gone? GLOOMY OUTLOOK: Where have all the leavers gone?

I TRULY am becoming utterly fed up with all the doom, gloom and negativity surrounding the Brexit negotiations.

In fact, I am pretty certain that if the referendum were to be held again the remainers would romp home.

Frankly I find the ‘expertise’ of many of our politicians, including Ms May, so filled with non-constructive rhetoric and indecision, I’m seriously concerned there is not some clandestine plot to scupper the negotiations altogether!

Where are all the ‘leave’ champions? Why are we not hearing enthusiastic and excited discussions about the wonderful new role and limitless chances of wealth and prosperity the UK could enjoy with new world trade deals and business opportunities?

Why are we not sending highly publicised British trade delegations to Australia, the USA, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia and the countless other outlets that are soon to become accessible?

Why are we not organising trade fairs in all our major cities and inviting the world in to do business with our entrepreneurs and business people?

Don’t our esteemed leaders realise how much stronger our negotiating position would be at the Brexit table if we had a number of juicy deals pending, or already under our belts?

At the moment, it’s akin to playing poker with no chips. In fact, to date it seems that the rest of the EU are calling all the shots; arrogantly laying down everything we have to comply with before they ‘allow’ us to break away with any concessions at all.

Well to hell with that.

We now have the opportunity to do business on our own terms with the entire world. We need to be conducting these leave negotiations holding a royal flush, not hedging our bets with a pair of deuces.

We should be dictating these concessions, not allowing ourselves to be dictated to. They really do need us more than we need them. Stop the dithering.

Stop the bickering and start playing the UK’s hand like winners; not simpering ‘also rans’ looking for a handout for the cab fare home.

I dunno; sometimes I really do despair with all of ‘em. Now for something completely different (hurrah!)

Couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw a couple of reports this week that a man had nearly died from chewing a couple of cherry stones!

After checking the month and confirming it was nowhere near April the first, I ventured into Google. Lo and behold, to my horror I found that it is actually true. Not only do two cherry stones contain enough cyanide to kill a human being, but so do apples!

Apparently both of these sources are ‘relatively’ safe if they are not chewed, and you would actualy need the pips from at least 18 apples to cause problems, but two cherry pips would do it.

Touch disconcerting don’t you think?

Mind you Agatha would have loved it!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

[email protected]

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